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what is right ??

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here am again suffring from my step father.

he knows that am gay and its kind of secret, my little secret, but my privacy is broken. once he want to have sex with me. i refuse of course and the fights started. im from an islamic country which is not alowed to Talk about such Things with no body i want to tell my mom about this but am afraid that i will destroy her marriage and then evrybody gonna start blaming me.

My god it's hard even to talk about it. have More to Tell..... My childhood was not as i expect.

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    wow. i dont know what to say. im so sorry to hear of this. are you old enough to move out? because it feels like youre living in a poisonous environment with your step father who seems to be abusive....

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    Oh well seems like you don't really have to take the high road on this one so if i were you this is what i would do; erase any sign of homosexuality that could be traced back to me later (porn, pics, browsing history, notes, numbers..etc) and put on a fake all mucho act and go ahead and tell my mother hell even include other relatives if you want (uncles, aunts etc) play the victim card say that he is asking you to do things you find shameful and that you are not into that at all blame it all on him so that when your mother finally makes a decision about him you wont be the one to blame but if you go tell her "mom im gay and your husband wants to sleep with me" she'll get mad at him but somehow blames it on you so really no point being all honest in this one if the father figure and the grown up is being like your stepdad is.

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  • it is a really hard situation to be honest , at 20 you can not fully be independent and live, by your own , you still need your parents in a kind if way ... my advice for you is to stay at a dorm if you are a university student and if not try finding a job and step by step try having your autonomy and start being independent financially .. it may take some time but you have to be patient
    then be honest with your mother , if you can't come out to her , at least tell her that your step father is not a great person at all (if she doesn't already know) and tell her what he asked you to do ...
    if you needed anything , and especially if you needed someone to talk you can contact me any time , here is my e-mail:

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    thx all For The Support of Course i'v Got some Idea But not Telling My Mam , wish me beste luck

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