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my painful love story

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i was engaged with a girl who lived in the same area as mine. we spent 2 years together, 2 years of crazy love, 2 years of passion, where everything was allowed... but as all the couples in the world, we faced some problems. but we came over all of them because what we had was stronger than every1 and every problem: she cheated on me, i forgave her, she lied to me i forgave her, and you can't blame a crazy lover who always forgive just to be with the one he loves... i couldn't imagine my life without her. and day after day, it got more serious and much stronger between us. and to be honest she changed many things in me, she made me a better mature person and i beleived once she's the love of my life.

she promised she wd never leave me, we wd be wives forever... but i can't seem why always forever comes to an end... i swear i didn't do anything wrong except loving her more than myself, except challenging the whole world for our love... but it came that moment when she started to change, started to ignore me and becoming so cold. why?? till now i don't know why.. all i know is that she broke up with me, she broke her promises and this heart that used to beat only for her sake... i gave her the whole happiness of the world in the palm of her hand but she just left it all, destroyed it all...

may b it wasn't enough for her, but that was my best. i only hope she could find some1 who is able to give her half the love i gave her...

wd she find another one who wd avoid all kinds of relationships and stay single for more than an year after they broke up?? if they ever broke up.


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