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I've heard several stories from "straight" Middle Eastern men who have engaged in sexual intercourse with other men. These same men are the first ones to "condemn" homosexuality. Why do you think this is? Are they perhaps ashamed of admitting who they are? A few guys told me it was about "domination" and "power". I've been wondering about this for quite some time.

I pray and hope I don't insult anyone with my comments or topics. .

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    As one of the most intelligent people I have ever known has said : "People who accuse others of being gay are often covering up their own homosexuality. Yes, that woman was Lisa Simpson. It's not hard to guess what those guys had in mind when they told you that BS.
    On a funnier note, after Lisa had given this concise and eloquent remark, the homophobe Then leaped out the school bus and rolled down the road, saying "Bullies rule!". (they were on a bus then)

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    I think that there are several things that come into play in this regard. If you'll forgive me, I will speak very frankly about some of them (including details of specific sexual acts)

    Firstly, this isn't a phenomenon isolated to the middle east, in the west this happens as well. The term "prison gay" for instance is popularized, and terms like making someone their "bitch" are all about the dominant masculine perspective. The person penetrating, the person receiving oral or manual stimulation is seen as fulfilling a masculine role even if it is with another man, and yes manliness is equated in this instance with dominance.

    This is probably also a major source of anal sex fetishism among heterosexuals, though the taboo nature, the equation of sex with dirtiness or shamefulness, and latent homosexuality (bisexuality really) all undoubtedly play into it. If you'll notice femininity is equated with a degree of purity; women are seen as less inclined to naturally want sex, enjoy sex, or behave in a promiscuous manner. Their sexuality is seen as something more exalted than men's sexuality.

    You will see, based on this theme, a major trend regarding degradation of women, the reduction of their role sexually to a servile or unwilling one, their portrayal as prostitutes or naive as the basis for sexual scenarios designed to counteract feelings of unworth, powerlessness and other insecurity. At the same time, fetishes where people desire to be degraded, be treated as weak, helpless, or worthless are likewise seen as feminine in nature.

    It would not be inconceivable for a heterosexual to practice homosexual sex with a man with him in the dominant (i.e. penetrating) position for the purpose of gratifying insecurities regarding his own masculinity. To be on top in such a scenario establishes in the crudest sociological sense the dominant person to be of higher masculinity than the person in the bottom position.

    In conclusion, I think that the root of this still arises from a chauvinistic lack of gender understanding and communication. Established gender paradigms equate masculine worth with phallocentric dominance. Until this paradigm is overcome, this mentality will likely continue.

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  • i personally think that in the mideast its much harder coming out as a guy as it is coming out as a girl ( not to belittle the fact that its very hard coming out as a girl ) . in society , men r supposed to be the one's with the power and the " last word " and the ones " wearing the pants " ( altho i dnt fully agree ) , so for men to change the idea of " manly hood " and change the whole concept of the male roles in society , they probably think its degrading . and i mostly mean men in their 40's and older , because they r not very open minded about such matters . in their mind , they think they r not straight and r afraid to admit it , but in their hearts they know otherwise .

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  • i meant in their mind they think they r straight and don't admit the truth , but in their heart they know otherwise . ( sry xD my mind was somewhere else )

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