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Networking in Egypt.

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Let me introduce myself to u all, i am 36 and i am out to my family and my straight friends " I really don't like this straight, gay, lesbian, queer, extra "..
I like to title myself as me, but cause we r living in label everything century so i am proud to say i am a lesbian..
I knew that all my life, and it took my a long time to come out to myself first, then to make peace with God, then to feel peace in my own skin, and finally to come out to my family and friends and live my life in light..

But the struggle is not over, cause i cant be with the person i love, i posted some days ago, searching for someone who can help in finding someone to marry her as a cover marriage, but it's not only about her, i have many friends who is living under the same circumstances, i read some posts talking about networking and getting together, i hope and wish we can do it..

Don't u think it's time that we get together and try to support each other like a family, i am not only talking about marriage, but i am talking about any and every kind of support for everyone "gays, lesbians, queer, trans, bisexuals.."

I don't know maybe it's a crazy idea to try and do something like this here in Egypt, but i am really willing to contact anyone and meet in person, i will leave my email, if anyone interested to have coffee, hang out and meet in person, i would be more than happy to do so..

my email is:
I am checking my email daily :)
Wish u all the best.


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