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  • I have to be honest and say that I get offended when studies or "tests" are made for people to figure out where homosexuality "came from" and how it "happened" and what encourages it or what doesn't. We are not a case of diabetes or cancer for scientists or biologists or therapists to feel the need to solve or figure out.

    Let them go cure cancer and real, life threatening diseases. You don't see studies being made on how certain white people prefer to date black people or foreigners. Why would people waste time trying to understand this? What's not to understand about love?

    I think we should just treat these studies as distractions and nothing else. My mother had nothing to do with my homosexuality!

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    ummm but my dad is far from being a homo..

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  • However, no major gene for homosexuality has been found despite numerous studies searching for a genetic connection.

    Now in a study published yesterday in the Quarterly Review of Biology, researchers from the U.S. National Institute of Mathematical and Biological Synthesis suggest homosexuality has an epigenetic link, not a genetic one.

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