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    That was a really good question. Ever since I've accepted that I'm gay, I have been very slowly and subtly preparing my sister for the time when I will tell her. So after I saw this video, I thought I'd ask her and see what she had to say. It went something like:

    Me: Do you think homosexuals are born gay or do they choose to be?
    Sis: Well, since it's forbidden in Islam, they must choose to be gay.
    Me: Like you chose to be straight?

    She laughed and then I told her that there isn't much in the Quran about homosexuals. Nothing so definite that says that being gay is wrong or an unforgivable sin. And then I got scared that I might cross a line I wasn't ready to cross with her and backed off.

    I'm still doing my research, though. Slowly. I have a lot of ground to cover, I admit.

    Homophobia, or at least the belief that it's a choice, does seem to stem from religious beliefs, whether they are right or wrong.

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    There's only a couple ways in which I see there as being a choice in the matter:

    The first, and most obvious of which, is in one's own sexual acts. You will notice that in none of the Holy Scriptures, whether the Bible, the Qur'an, the Avestas or really any of the Books of God does it say that the condition of homosexuality is forbidden: in each instance (and there are not many, you are quite correct that it is VERY sparsely mentioned) the specific act of sex with another of the same sex is specified.

    The second of which is regarding one's own mentality and how they treat their condition, as one that is sending correct impulses that should be accepted as true and even indulged, or as an aberrant one, the urges from which should be abstained from or the condition addressed.

    But as I have said before and I will say again, I consider it utterly preposterous to think that homosexuals wake up one day and just decide they want to be homosexual, that it's something so simple as deciding to find members of the same sex attractive and members of the opposite unattractive. And I will gladly stand toe-to-toe with any religious scholar who wishes to challenge that, and defy them to show me that there is anywhere in any of the Holy Scriptures that states otherwise.

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    I can relate to this when it comes to backing off such discussions because I get terrified knowing I might accidentally out myself. Close friends tell me not to talk about this or show this much support to gays because of the risk of them getting suspicious, but I can't help it sometimes because if I do, I'm allowing or giving them the permission to ignore us.

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