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we will live how we want, we are who we are :)

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love me as i am, and never tey to change me, because i really lave the way i behave, the way i live, the way i talk, the way i eat, drink, i love myself, and i have the right to choose my own way of life, because this is my decision ,only mine :)
most of the gays grow up in terrifying aloneness because of their sexual orientation, they are refused from all the society,
i am not very good in english, so forget me for my mistakes :p.

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    Thanks for sharing these hopeful words :)

    • u r welcom dear

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      I will reply with this:

      they say we are free
      but are we truly?
      when every time I want to kiss you, i have to hold back
      Every time i want to hold your hand, I have to draw fists instead
      Every time I want to tell you that I love you I have to stop at a simple smile

      Because they cannot know
      They wouldn't understand

      such a simple word
      for such a complicated lies
      they dictate who to love and why
      While I long for you hug, kiss and your smile,
      Your skin against me and your dazzling eye
      My body warms at secret memories of us
      where naked bodies became one
      silent cries hidden in the night
      they cannot know
      They would not understand
      That i fell in love in your soul, not with your form

      They said I am free
      while i am pretend to be someone I am not
      So that they still love and care
      such a silly word for such strong desires

      I yearn the day, where people live to the virtues of scholar where people judge each other by their morals not on how they are sin.. one day it is all gonna get better..


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