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Finding a gay guy for a cover marriage..

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She is a friend of mine, she is 29 years old and a prisoner in her own house, her family is like all the families in our Arab society, a girl only get her freedom, when she is married, or when she is dead. But what about her life in between, what if she don't want to get married, what if she is different, and want to have a different life, my friend case is not the only one, i meet a lot of girls who is in the same circumstances and sometimes worth than this..
I thought to find for her a gay guy, who is also pressured through his family to get married, i wasn't lucky until now, i don;t know what to do, or where to search, i am thinking about what i can do to help her..
To make her life easier, she cant go out whenever she wants, or meeting her friends, the family should know eth, and her brother even he is younger than her, but he is the one who controls her life..
I can see her dying everyday, and her life is passing by, she can't be with gf, or even living a life where she can breathe...

I wish i can create a network for gays and lesbians, how we can do this, and how can i help my friend..
Can anyone advice me what to do ??


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