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Excessive Masturbation

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Guys I need real help.

I can't help masturbating. I feel I am enslaved by it and addicted to gay porn. I am destroying myself. I can't love. and I can't make love :'(.

  • 25-34_m_w_h1_f4

    i was the same at some point (not as bad) but start forcing yourself to watching less porn even if you really want to, find a way not to give into it... i know its not that easy and if it was youd have done it already but keep yourself sooo busy to the point where you dont even have time to watch any porn and at night instead of watching it youd feel so exhausted. this way you start watching porn once every 2-3 days or even less... in some relationships the guys will be offended if you watch porn often while you are with them it happened to me and they take it personally so be careful and start limiting yourself from today!!

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  • 17-24_f_b_h3_f3

    I can so relate to this. It really annoys me how filled my life is with casual sex and masturbation. I reached a point where I thought that I was incapable of love. I thought about it a lot, though, and came up with the conclusion that this is what I'm filling my emotional void with. It's really hard for non-heterosexuals to be in committed relationships because of the fear we have from being caught by people who won't understand it.

    The LGBTQI community is small and we can't ever afford to be picky, but at the same time, it doesn't mean that we should be exhausting our bodies and our minds with pointless sex and masturbation. YES, it's fun and enjoyable, but sooner or later, we'll feel empty.

    Being addicted to porn is so self-consuming. Try doing something else with your time, but don't deprive yourself from jacking-off once in a while because it's good for you. Try going out more often and go on dates. Maybe you'll find someone nice.

    But most importantly, don't torture yourself over it. A lot of people go through this for a long time. Ride it out and stop feeling so guilty about liking pleasure =)

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  • 51-65_m_w_h1_f1

    It starts with curiosity, then becomes fascination, then becomes an addiction, then it becomes boring, then it becomes old news, it will happen gradually, take it from someone who's also been there :)

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  • Just consume your time with productive non sexual stuff. Like reading. Or watching some interesting stuff on youtube. Explore yourself and stop thinking about guys.

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