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What about bears ???

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This question goes to the guys:

Does anyone here love bears ?? I don't mean the one you find in woods , i mean the type of physique that include some muscle and a little bit of fat or a lot and if you don't comment below what kind of physique that get your motor running ( so to speak ) !!

you don't have to answer this question i'm just a little bit curious!

  • 25-34_m_a_h4_f4

    huh? ... whats not to like? they are cuddly and little rough on the sides :PPP

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  • To be honest, bears is not chubbies..that is actually a misnomer.. Bears are more of stocky, husky built, where as a lot of chubbies are well average to overweight.... Bears and daddies have quite a bit similarities, and the bears tradition actually popular in german and japan...

    bears love cubs aka their partners..usually smaller, less stocky, hairy or smooth that usually preference related but majority bears love hairy bodies so yeah they are what we call all naturale...lolz

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