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Coming out

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hey every one my name is oussama I m from morocco I'm 18 years old the topic that I want to talk about is coming out in my case I came out last year and now every one know I m gay except my parents first they were choke (my friends) then they asked me you don't look gay I explained but then it became a lot easier I m feeling calm I don't care about anyone .... and what about you did you do it yes or no tell me how was it if yes and tell me what kept you from not doing it if no.

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    I came out to my friends but not to my family yet. I'm at that age now where they are expecting me to get married and give them the grandchildren that they've always wanted. It feels me up with so much guilt but I can compromise my entire life just for their happiness, mine is important too, and it wouldn't be fair to marry someone I didn't love because it's too much effort living this double life. I just want to be myself and I hope when I am ready to come out to them, my parents will agree that this is what's best for me and my happiness.

    I'm glad you came out at a young age! This will make you happier, that you don't have to run around with this massive secret that you have to hide at all times. Did everyone accept you or did you feel that you risked your friendship with some people? Did anyone make a big deal that you are gay?

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  • thanks kuwait and for your choices I think it's better to come out to them because they will understand that you will need a man instead on a women

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  • i am glad to hear that ! i cam out to my best friend too , and i am 18 just like you ...
    i wrote about it in my blog if you are ever interested in reading it here is a link :

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