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I have a crush ...... ON MY PROFESSOR!?

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Well i don't even know where to begin or how did that happen , it just came out of the blue , i was sitting there listening to the lecture and someone said something funny and he smiled and ........... OMG , I JUST LOST IT .......... it was the most beautiful smile I've ever seen !!! It struck me as lightning , how could i have never noticed it before , why now ??

Let me tell you about him a little bit , he is like 30 years old , he has a beautiful beard ( i don't what is up with me and beards ) , when he laughs he make this dorky move with his nose , i just love it !!! AND HE IS SINGLE , YAY FOR ME

I really , really , really hope he is gay !!!

so could this be serious or it just a phase ??

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    JUST a phase :) I think most of us here had a huge crush on a teacher, classmate, or boss/colleague at work and it's completely normal. Don't make anything more out of it because you secretly already know that nothing more can or will come out of this. Don't dig a hole of pain for yourself and just treat this as a fun fantasy and innocent attraction :)

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