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can a tv show change who you are?

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hiiiii my name is safroota im 19 ilove tol laugh alot in my life but latley im so sad my point is im huge fan of the tv show queer as folk if anyone know it this show is amazing awsome really i did watch all of the seasones anyway after i watched i started to feel this wired or strange stuff like have feelings for girls look at them like them all this things n acting like a boy but wait i think i always acting like a boy so i did have a relationship with a girl just to make sure n idid liked her n when iasked my frineds they said to me.

maybe it's just illusion but i really dont know maybe i am maybe i am not.

all i know that im so attracted to girls now n i think i can live the rest of my life with a girl so if u care comment n if dont whatever yur nt the first one :) .

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    queer as folk was important to me too. i am in my 20s now and still struggling, but i want to tell you that if you feel like you could spend the rest of your life with a girl, you should have relationships with girls and see how it feels. no one can tell you that it's an illusion - you are the only person who knows yourself.

    it's okay even if you can't say you're gay or straight - sometimes we like girls and boys, or a specific person. you don't have to "pick one" - you can just be who you are, and love who you love!

    we're here for you. stay safe and i hope you find a wonderful person to spend time with!

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    i believe that shows like this (omg i LOOOVED QAF's first season

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    it happened to me

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    We are all talking about the US version right? I absolutely loved that show. It's so special to me and much, MUCH better than L Word.

    Be comfortable with whoever you love. Maybe it's a phase, maybe it isn't. Follow your heart and see where it takes you.

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    I love that :) "be who you are, and love who you love."


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