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    The thing that makes me sigh is that there are so many who give the impression that those are the teachings of Islam.

    What's worse, people in my country believe it.

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      Aside from mocking this hypocritical mentality, the comic is also highlighting the usage of religion to dismiss all of these actual crimes and instead criminalizing what's actually harmless and normal. It's a tragic reality that happens to be still prevalent in our societies today.

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    • Religion are used to transmit hates and to wage war. After our prophet and his friends passed away, corruption in religion became more severe. Muslims especially breaking up in different stands, trying to force notions in one throat from political standings to religious beliefs. female are a beacon of disease and should be left in the house, and lies and deceits became their agenda.

      There are no force to hold a faith. God is the most merciful and Islam is the mercifullest of them all. I dont know why, we as a muslims jump at the notion seeing a gay guy walks the earth without seeing him or her(lesbians) commit the fidelity of sexual touch or even remarks and quickly we shout to them go to hell and die or maybe harass them for money and worst sexual abuse.

      what they wanna do in their room and house is their fricking business and it is not us to judge. let god be the judge not us human.

      like my mom always hate- let the haters hate, until they know its too late.

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