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LGBT signs and catching up

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hey guys, I've missed every single one of you soooo u miss me? do u even remember me lol? anyway I've been soooo busy with work and school and I thought I should at least say hi
so right now I'm sitting with one of my cute gay friends and we were talking about the signs.. remember the LGBT sings I told you guys about? well if you don't remember I'll tell you...I thought about making sings so we can recognize each other and I started with myself and painted a rainbow on my phone ..2 days later another friend made a rainbow bracelet and so if you like the idea do the same and show me how creative you can be and follow me on twitter so I can see how awesome your ideas are

I made a colored cover..what can you do? :)
hooolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D
have a great day you all!
sorry again for my random style of writing...i think you probably got used to it :D

twitter: @ranaheweidyy

yeah yeah I'm not afraid to reveal my identity.


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