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Fun facts about homophobic people

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You know something... when ur gay and deciding to come out to a straight friend, the first thing comes to his mind... that u like him :D (my comment was u wish, look at urself in the mirror -.- ) , i wish if they can understand that not because we're gays we will LOVE all the men in the world and we will have a crush on everybody we see.... that's kina awkward! plus my straight friends are 90% and i have only 10% gays... so with my straight friends we travel together we make sleep overs, we sleep in the same bed! we change in front of each others, they never felt awkward and i never did... cause they know i wouldn't do anything to hurt them! even if we joke sometimes that never meant that i was serious... s all the people who actually homophobic i never understood the reason why, gays are just human beings like the straight people exactly, we love we get hurt we feel we joke, we're just normal people.

Away from the fact that being homophobic is like judging someone for something wasn't his choice... straight people need to know that being homosexual is not a choice, was never an option, we didn't wake up one day and decide to be gay or lesbian or bi, we just born that, we're just like that, so judging a homosexual just for being gay, it's just like judging a south african for being black.... the same fact exactly.

  • I like what you wrote up there very much. It's all true, but I may add that the roots of the problem - as you also said - is that they think that homosexuality is a choice, though it's not. I have been suffering the same, I'm not out to anyone yet, but when I discuss the idea of homosexuality with anyone they start mentioning how homosexuals should be "treated", some even proposed ideas on how to treat homosexuality! so yes, basically, it's a madhouse till they learn that homosexuality is not a choice

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    actually it gets harder when they understand its not a choice ... cuz if everything ended at it being a choice then to them it's curable, but once they know that there is no way back from being gay, this means they will go all out and start attacking all the other topics around homosexuality ... like rights, lifestyle, issues and all that, and then religion comes in picture and u have to answer back from the same books they use in their argument ..... ive been there and believe me, it doesnt get any better when they "understand", if they dont have an open mind and r willing to accept sth that big abt u, then u probably shouldnt sweat it, i tried and still do but in the end i get headaches and get more disgusted with the brains i have to be around everyday :/

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    The most funny part is "my comment was u wish, look at urself in the mirror -.-" !!!

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    Thank you SO MUCH for this, exactly my thoughts, I once had a fight with a friend and lost my bestfriend ( who was his brother ) - after I came out, he was like.. you liked me didn't you? I noticed u used to touch me and shit, and I was like wtf, dude u're one year younger than me plus I wouldn't really be attracted to you, it just makes like no complete sense when people just think everything is related to them because u came out lol

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