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The Feeling of Loving a Woman
By: JM

Sparkling flakes of varying hues dance around your irises.
Similar to favored coffee the aroma of beauty within those shades of golden brown captivate me.
The softness of your stare feels like Egyptian cotton against my naked body.
Warmth travels through my capillaries bring about an electrifying sensation.
My pulse quickens with the tenderness of your smile.
Longing for more than only a moment my mind slips into fanciful dream where our love isn't a fantasy.
Those full smooth lips with a tint of crimson I would gently kiss for an everlasting effect.

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    This is so beautifully well written! I love the feel of it, it brought back a lot of sweet memories for me. :)

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  • Thank you very much. :)

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      I will answer with this: To Be

      There is a time, when I am blind;

      I keep your hand tightly behind me,

      Oh how I wish you could be forever mine,

      So I can write a love story with ending so divine.

      But you go away and break my heart,

      Make our love story nothing but a fart,

      My life I had, all went down like shit

      You made me felt sick, like a rotten meat.

      I bawled and I cried, until I couldn't anymore,

      You blinded my sight, and burn my soul to its hollow core,

      I raised up my head. And my feet ashore;

      A leap of faith is all I bore,

      To believe in love once more.

      Now you found me, and brought the day light,

      You said; “You and I shall fight!”

      For our love shall remain true,

      U should no longer feel more blues.

      As we locked our eyes, I felt you deep inside me,

      I smiled, you blushed and you said "YOU and I" is all you need;

      We kissed and all those insecurities bolted free,

      To be in love like you wanted us to be.

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    Amazing, thank you for this piece of art!
    It is full with passion and completely got into my mind!

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    indeed it does...

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