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Masks is a covering for protection or worn as a part of disguises that sit through our face daily. We put mask on our face either two thing: for our own sake of protection or for the happiness of the others.

Let me tell you a story about a guy who broke up with what both of them believe a match made from heaven after a year and twin along the way.

after they broke up, they lived a life away from each other. one in the other hemisphere while the other in others. One day during easter, he came down with 3 new addition in his life to meet his supposed to be soulmate, let us call him M. M was surprised to see him and glad to see the twins and even more surprised to see his new bf.

one night, his new bf took M out from the house they were staying in for the holiday and ask about M past and him (the ex husband) the new bf said he was worried to a fact that sometimes M ex husband sometimes disconnected in bed and losing himself while doing activities. So that night M have to do what best for their future.

M found his ex, sitting in a hot tub wondering into space, but lightened up when he saw M coming in. he gave M a long hug as if they were like a long lost lovers, and M pushed him gently away. M asked about his ex hubby why he seems to be disconnected. He said, I'm still hung up on you. even when i made love with him, i think him as you, those twins have your face and your sweet cheerful smile and your dearing laugh especially that boy. I can't handle the thought we broke up we ended this.

and then M told him while maintaining his face, and his already grained heart, you have to let me go. He loved you and he wants you and he's better for you. I'm sorry that we are over but you still have them, and yes when you look at that boy face, you'll see mine, at least we have a glue and a memory that we still keep for each other. so please i beg you to move on, because.. I did...(M lied) and it is not fair to you.

The ex husband cried and asked M for forgiveness, and with M long gazed into his previous and true love, M kissed his ex husband as if giving him the proper goodbye. M and his ex husband shared the tub that night, while the other member of the house were sleeping. M and his ex didn't do much except, laughing, smiling at every single memory that they have shared. ex hubby thanked M for changing his life , and asked M to be the twins Godparents and parents and asked M to give the boy name M's real name. For the sake of their future, M agreed eventhough deep down he was hurting.

You see, M chooses to put a mask just to protect the one he loved. Maybe you think he was selfish and self absorbed, but he was 17 when he got married and he have no clue to raise a child let alone, a twins. Until today M still think about them, and every family functions, holidays and gatherings, M heart would skip a beat, but he must be strong for all of them.

"The saddest thing to say is that you are going to die alone, but for the fact you still have someone that still care about you" Rabbi Joseph.


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