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The pursuit of Happiness: a Dream or a Nightmare for LGBT?

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'If only I were normal, If only I were perfect, If only I were as other human beings' are some wishes many depressed gay can tell themselves in a moment of weakness, of deep thoughts that can throw them into a extreme darkness. I won't lie and say that I never said it to myself. Once you see that the society is something going in a certain way and you are taking the opposite way : it feels weird I know. But what? any solution? Is depression a solution? I don't think you will come up with a conclusion or a genius idea to change your life! WE ARE MADE THIS WAY. WE ARE BORN THIS WAY. 'Humans' yes 'Humans' with an upper case. We are humans, as LGBT community.

We breath the same air, live in the same Planet, walk the same way, have more or less the same goals, so why blaming ourselves for something we have no clue about it. We must love ourselves, we must overcome any barrier in our way to find happiness. With a negative sight you won't make any change, so why loosing minutes from your life living a sad and depressive moment? What's more shameful is to be depressed because others mention something that affected you in a certain way, or from bullying. We must stop caring about everybody's opinion. ONLY GOD can Judge us must be our sense of life. I am resolved that any human is not well placed to judge a human like him/her.

If there's any homophobic here reading this: please we respect your life, your opinion as well but please keep it for you. We have nothing shameful to suffer from bullies and insult. We are different in a certain way, but we are from the same human source. It's beyond our control when it comes to concrete choices but it's not the end of the world. I am inviting LGBT community to live with a head raised up, with a pride, with happiness. 'Wasting our lives' should not exist, and I meant by 'Wasting our lives' letting yourself hearing negativity, caring about something that won't add a value to your life and depression. Life is lived once, we won't have a second chance to do whatever we've missed so far, so enjoy every and each second of your existence as if it was your last, and never ever regret to be here, breathing.

With love to all of you, Be yourself with no regrets

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    very strong and motivating...respect :)
    i think the persuit of happiness doesn't depend on who we are or what we are...maybe one should first know what makes you happy...what is happiness for you....nothing is impossible but you have to know what you really want not what people tell you what is happiness under the general definition...there is no certain definition for happiness.......
    just to add to your beautiful post is know what you want and pursue it and it will work out :)

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