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Are you a gay Middle Eastern living in North America?

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Hey guys, so I am a gay Egyptian male and I was born in Canada. I am not "out" to my family and I know that they would not be accepting of me, my brother has already stopped talking to me a few years ago when I told him. I would love to be able to talk to other people living in the diaspora and talk about our experiences.

Where I live, people like us don't have much of a community, so "coming out" is that much harder when you feel so isolated. I have been working over the past year to chat with as many gay arabs living in the diaspora, and together we have been creating a collective knowledge and identity based on lived experience.

This has been an important project for me because I know how alone I felt when I first realized I am gay, and even though its been a few years, I can still feel very alone in my experiences.

You can see more about me and this community idea on the Jer's Vision Youth Community Initiative website:

If you would like to talk or know more about me, I am an open book so please feel free to message/email/reply with any questions you may have. I was thrilled when I found this website and would love to stop feeling so alone and feel like I am a part of a larger community.

Thanks guys, please message me with ANY questions you have for me, I genuinely would love to hear from you!


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    Thanks for joining us Andrawis. I'm sorry you feel isolated. I feel isolated too even though I'm living amongst my friends and family, I guess it's the idea that they have no clue who I really am. There is a sense here that being gay abroad is a lot easier but I sometimes doubt this, my cousin is also gay and he is living in Canada at the moment and he says it's just as hard for him. His area is also full of people who are not exactly open to the idea of homosexuality, perhaps it is because he lives around other immigrants though. I imagine in the southern area of the US it's the same challenges that people face with violence towards homosexual people. Even if there are laws to protect their rights its really not enough. I think our issue is a combination of cultural and psychological and that its global, no matter where we go we will find people like us who are quietly suffering and dealing with rejection and discrimination in their own way.

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    Hey Fellows, I live the same circumstances here in Washington D.C. area, I am getting pressured to marry so bad and I don't what to do anymore, any advice

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    Being a woman I was also under a lot of pressure to get married. Let me assure you that it gets better as you get older. I am now in my mid 40s and my family back in Lebanon gave up on the idea of marriage a long time ago. It will be difficult for a while until they realize there's nothing they can do about it. But it was also hard for me to disappoint them. I only wanted to make them proud and happy. But I reached the appoint where I had to realize that my happiness was more important. Good luck!

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