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how do i suppose to make serious relationship if all the community is against us

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i just wonder , how i can make or have someone behind me if the community is against us we can't live like that , i cant stay in secret for all my life how i suppose to live my life (in tunisia) i can get in jail if i came out :( .

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    We just have to stay secret about it. Everything we do and say must be a secret. There is no other way :(

    What we can do is just find other gay people and stick with them. They will support you. I was very sad as well I can't come out or do anything to find a boyfriend but it changes quickly once more and more gays around you slowly find out you're also gay and they become your friends and you can start relationships this way.

    Don't be too sad about this it's very normal what you are going through we just have to be careful and secretive.

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    not all the community is against us.. some of them support us but quietly. only the loud ones are against us cuz society trained them to think and be this way. we have more support these days. like ahlami says its just about finding the right group to be around.

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    I don't know, it's hard but it's the way it is & we have to accept it. I am from Morocco & I can assure you that in both of our countries, we will never EVER be able to come out & live peacefully.. The truth sucks but we have to face it :( ..

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    oh well mate , that`s if you find an actual SERIOUS relationship not such partnership which is mostly about sex ... right?

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    that's a problem that we should find a solution to !! am from tunisia and it will be imposible to live a gay pride life or to find the right persons without finding bad peoples that can and will destroy your life

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  • Change what you can't accept, Accept what you can't change. that's my advice

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