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I just came out to my cousins!

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hi peeps
my 2 cousins are like my sisters we share everything together, we even shower together...

actually I was in love with one of them my whole childhood...however focus Rana!!!

okay...we were watching a movie and out of no where I was like girls I'm gaaaay!
they looked at me like what the hell?.....i said yes why are you looking at me like that im gay....they laughed at me .....later on that night i told them that its official, i'm fed up with men and i'm going from bisexual to straight HOMO...
still they laughed -,-

well...mmm.... good news is that they think its just a phase and they laughed at it...thank god they didnt slaughter me and cute me into lil pieces and eat my "fatta" for dinner

so did you come out to any of your relatives?


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