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Hai, I'm new here. D:

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I'm Egyptian o.o 16, could say half outta the closet? I'm me 70% of the time because I don't wanna have people judge me, like I let my inner weirdo if I'm too comfortable with people lol, but I stay "reserved" most of the time to strangers just to not freak them out with my uncontrollable laughing and bad habits and all the dancing and singing lol.

I'm like.. in the middle, I was like 90% into guys, now it somehow changed to 70%, its weird how it changes, but it really does, but yea I'm into someone now, a guy, and hopefully we're going out on a date soon, hope that goes well, I'm fine with myself, but it just worries me, too much religious thoughts, I pray and everything (I'm a Muslim) so yea it's just a bit all confusing, but I'll live my life as normal, pray and do my duties yet be able to fall in love.

so well, I was just saying hai, have a good day, I like meeting new people, so feel free to msg me (I dunno if thats possible on here or not? lol) - peace x .


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