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Homosexuals(MEN) can't be called WHORES.

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I get extremely furious when some people accuse me of being a cheap whore for getting laid a lot, THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Why don't we call a heterosexual guy cheap when he gets laid a lot? Actually the contrary is what's happening, As in hetero guys act all proud n shit when they get laid n stuff! Why it's different when it comes to us? Well .. IT'S NOT DIFFERENT! Hetero guys are always horny n they get laid as much as they can, Not worrying about anyone calling them WHORES! Cause men can not be called whores! I'd call someone a whore only if he gets paid for sex! If not then you are not a whore, You are just a horny hot stud with these overwhelming lusty needs, Who are tryna have fun n act like a man until you find the right guy to settle down with. WE ARE NOT GIRLS FOR FUCK'S SAKE, WE ARE NOT WORRYING ABOUT LOSING OUR VIRGINITY OR THINKING ABOUT HOW SOCIETY WILL SEE US IF WE HAD SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. We are MEN! We are superior!


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