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Why is being obese "genetic" but being gay is a "lifestyle choice"?

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Why is being obese "genetic" but being gay is a "lifestyle choice"?
and even if being homosexual was a choice, why would it matter?

يحب الانسان تصنيف كل شئ .. فيجب أن ينتمى أى شئ لشئ ما .. المهم أن ينتمى إليها .. فإن لم يقهمه فيصنفه حسب معتقداته الشخصية
علماؤنا الباحثون فى أمور المثلية والسمنة هم أصلا متدنيون .. هم أصلا مغيرو الجنس .. فماذا تتوقع من دارس وباحث فى أمر كالمثلية أن يطلعك بأن الأمر عزيزي هو إختيار .. ولنرحم السمين ونخبره بأن هذه طبيعته .. لأني أنا أيضا أحب الطعام .. أحب أن آكل .. ولكن من يحب المثليين ؟ .. أنا لا أحبهم

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    some people don't think it's a choice but they still think there are options. me i cant be forced to be attracted to girls tho i know its the easier "option" if i want to. someone you can bring back home to your parents.

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    Because simply Homosexuality is labeled as " unnatural" and Obesity is "natural". And for those who think, homosexuality has a cure, it doesn't. Therefore, they label it as unnatural or SIN. Obesity is way way way easier to look at and solve.

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    not everyone looks at homosexuality as a choice .
    before discovering who i was i never for the life of me judged anyone around me for being gay or obese but then as i grew i noticed that theses opinions ( hate full ones ) were never mine they were always someone else is either an uncle . an aunt . my mother . see the pattern ( there all older ppl ) as in there passing on there bigotry and hatred to the next generation and as i grew even more i noticed allot of ppl my age start to change from none judgmental impartial ppl to hateful ppl that judge everyone
    and the first thing i hear after i mention something about gay ppl is ( disgusting . or what a waste of a life ) and i wondered why ? i mean its not there choice ( it wasn't mine either )
    but when talking about someone who was obese all i hear was petty and forgiving nature like ( poor girl she must be sick or something ) no not everyone that is obese is obese by genetic alot of them just don't take good care of them self's and they get sympathy give me a fucking break
    so what i am saying is labels is something ppl fall back on when they dont understand soemthing ( obesity . homosexuality . bisexuality )
    its a natural human reflex to something we don't understand .
    if u dont know what it is label it the easiest thing u can find and call it a day . that's how most ppl live there life not everyone tries to understand what they dont know and go into detail coz if they did they would have to accept that homosexuality is something that is born within a human while obesity is something very preventable

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