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bi, gay or straight? i have no idea but what i do know is nothing is wrong with me

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i am as confused as they get and i have been for years now ever since i was 13 at first i thought something was wrong with me and i fought that feeling soo badly i pushed those feelings for years and i didn't even worry about theme the entire year coz i was able to swallow them and just push them aside that is until they exploded into anger and frustration
i was angry all the time hating my self who i was sometimes i would cry myself to sleep and lash out on anyone and anything and all that anger like it was bound to came back around to my self i started cutting my self missing school and when my parents found out i made up some lame excuse about pressure and school crap which they believed.
and i went back to my old habits to shoving my feelings down my own throat and dating every and any guy there is just so i can tell my self that i was straight as a stick.
that is until i some how found this show glee now for a year i have heard about ppl talking about how it was huge and amazing so i went on line and got 2 episodes to my fortune there were when Santana was coming out to her girlfriend and it was like watching my self on tv so the next thing i did was get the whole thing and watch it all.
i found my self out of tears and tissues by the time the show was over.
and for the first time in years i looked in the mirror and i didn't want to punch and i didn't feel like i was being someone who i want i was just me.
i guess what i am trying to say here that we are all perfect just they way we are and don't fight who u are at the end on the day its fruitless fight that u will be hurt by.
and i can honestly say that glee has saved my life and just love ur self coz if u don't who will.

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    Glad you feel this way for me I found some gay friends and they didn't know I was gay but when I started being around them it made me more confident and comfortable about myself and this helped me grow up to be more accepting of who I am. I also forced myself to be with girls but I couldn't, the thought made me vomit!! We can't force ourselves to be any different than what we are and we need to be proud of it and to not let anyone insult us for it.

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    Nothing wrong with us but it's been a pain in the ass trying to alert the rest of our societies who still treat us like crap, most likely as a result of their own insecurities.

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    I think you guys might be able to relate to this Ani DiFranco song - I love it:

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