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What’s a rebound really?
My ex and I have been together for 3 years
The way things ended was crazy weird!
She cheated, confessed and apologized, I forgave her, we’re back together, 2 months later .. she left me.
A month after our breakup she was in a relationship with another girl!
One month after our breakup!! I mean, come on!!!!
She loves me to death, and I know this bc she still does and she proved this so many times.
Yet, what’s happening??
Honestly how can u be with someone for 3 years then just be with someone else so easily???
We’ve been broken up for a year now and I haven’t even thought of someone else in any way other than friendly!!! Although I tried to move on yet it’s not happening it sounds so early!
So how did she do it??
Are they gna last?? Or is she just a rebound???
Someone please explains this for me?

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    I am sorry you have to go through all that craziness.
    A rebound is a relationship that is entirely based on instability and desire to distract themselves from a painful break-up. It happens quickly after a breakup but it can either be short-lived or long-term or permanent (all depends on the people).

    Funny thing is that rebound relationships caters to the broken hearted. Your ex does not have a rebound relationship, the very definition doesn’t even apply to her. She cheated on you, came back because she knows it’s the environment she is used to and then left you. She does it easily because she really doesn’t have real emotional attachments to holding a real relationship. To me, based on your explanation, she just wants to have fun and it is thrilling (to her at least) to jump from person to another.

    Perhaps she does love you and cares but, her actions dictates otherwise. Everyone reacts differently after a break up but for rebound relationships it happens with the broken hearted not with cheaters. At least these are my two cents based on the patterns I have seen in people’s relationships.

    Again, I am sorry you have to experience this. I know it’s hard to move on but, you can do it.

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    I would say I experienced the same thing when I broke up with my ex.
    Weeks after she was declaring love for another and it been a year now they are still together and it’s now I can manage to move on.
    It hasn’t been easy this past year but once I accepted she was happy were she was then I was fine and it doesn’t matter if it was a rebound for her, it worked for her. So I had to let go.
    PS there was no cheating involved

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