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Hello everyone

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This is my first time topic and i'm so happy to finally find this site and talk like normal people about life issues and love relationships as well, i'm 30 y now and my family urge me to get marry and i can't do that because i'm totally GAY and they will kill me for sure to wash the SHAME as they said each time when someone talk about the gay topic. And I know my family have their doubt regard my sexuality especially after I got fired from my job with UN due to some complains from the IRAQI staff in UN. What to do regard all this? any advises?

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    Welcome to Ahwaa!! You have support here!

    Wait, you mean the UN as in the United Nations? If that’s the case, they are in direct violations of so many policies.

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      Exactly, and if i refer my issue to management those Iraqi staff will inform my family tripe and I can't imagine what will happen next.

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    Bro, that’s so sad, if you need protection, or you feel there’s no solution for your situation and you can imagine living far far away from your home, drop me a message. I can’t give you peace but maybe I can help to find an exit.

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