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Feeling incomplete

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I’m in a relationship with a woman that i’m madly in love with for almost one and a half year now.
She’s my first true love.. i love everything about her.. she is always telling that she will never ever find someone who would love her the way i do.
The problem is that I always feel that there’s smth missing.. i always feel incomplete, like i need more or expect more.
I’m a very romantic, sweet talker and sensitive person. While she’s the exact opposite.
Although i know that she will never change, I can’t stop loving her, I can’t even stand the idea of not being with her.
I don’t know what to do.

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    Hey Anon,

    This is an interesting topic. I am sorry that you feel this way but also happy that you found someone who loves you back just the same. Is it possible to elaborate about feeling incomplete ? (You don’t have to if you don’t want too)

    Just trying to understand what actions or events make you feel incomplete?

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      She doesn’t give me what i need, She’s always busy, always talking about work and about how bad her day was. I’m the exact opposite!! When i hear her voice, all i want to talk about is how beautiful she is and how much i love her.
      Also i guess i’m a sex addict, while she’s always doing it just for me ( i guess).
      All i really need is someone who would love me the way i want to be loved.

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      We all know relationships are difficult and a work in progress. Words alone won't be enough. She is busy and the stress of work is probably getting to her to where she is just tired. And if its a repetitive cycle then it effects people's mood and actions. .

      Try breaking that cycle for her if you can with little simple stuff. Like making a simple breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even giving the person a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich will brighten their day. Take her to the park, cafe or movies. Do a small random arts and craft project. Do simple actions, with no strings attached to break that stressful cycle she has.

      Just from my own busy life mostly with work, a break from all that really does help reset myself or else my bad mood ruins every thing.

      But I am only saying this based on what you wrote, I know there is more to the story. Also Hon is correct to say to talk the issue out with her and see what medium you could reach

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    I will put it this way as what I understand from your story.
    Your a romantic, sweet talker and a sensitive person while she is the exact opposite, so the problem is you want her to be just the same, you need her to be romantic to you just as much as you are to her.
    But I can only say this,
    First, you loved her even though you knew her behavior and there’s some part of you that hoped she will change with time but she doesn’t seem to
    Second will depend if she is the first girl you have ever dated and the thought of you leaving her gives you this uncertainty of whether you will find another.
    My advice:
    If you love her so much and you feel she’s the one, don’t try to change her but you deserve as much affection as you are showing her, just talk to her and see if she can atleast try or put an effort to give you that.
    But if she doesn’t try let it be and remember you deserve 100% from anyone your dating and give your love to and if believe if you let go of this one, you will find that right one that gives you that 100%
    Good luck

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    Very good advice Hon!

    I agree with Hon, don't try to change her to be the same as you. Its best to talk it out with her and slowly build the relationship towards a way both parties can be happy.

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    I agree with Hon and Ancels the only way to actually resolve any relationship issue not just that one is to talk it through tell her how you feel ask her if there is something she is not sharing. Feeling empty, having expectations that are not met, waiting for the receprocation of emotions are with time in my opinion relationship killers. If you take it now because you love her so much and give her excuses you won't be able to take it forever and soon this love that u have for her will start to decrease. So tell her how you feel tell her what u expect and see what she has to say and you can take it from there. And good luck

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