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cover up marriage with a Transgender lesbian

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Dear Lesbian

I am 35 years old, i dont want to live like a man, i like wearing girls cloth and i am feeling so since i was 16, i have a secret life with a fake account and its the closest thing i have for freedom in my hands, coz no one understand me or support me, or help me be the girl i want to be.

i am what so called transgender lesbian, i am not attracted to men, only girls. i went to a couple of docotors abroad and thats what they said.

i am lookiing for cover up marriage to please my parents , we come from a big family in alexandria and i must marry and bla bla bla,

i hope ahwaa is the answer.

  • Hi Zina, I understand that you are in a very difficult situation. a cover up marriage may or may not be a solution to please your parents. Firstly, if you do agree to marry, you're not just fooling your parents but also yourself. secondly, if you marry someone and by accident your secret was revealed, not only did you hurt yourself but also your family including the girl (considering she doesn't know anything). Marriage can be a solution if you can find a trustworthy person who you think can keep your secrets. Goodluck..

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