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Confused about the sexuality !!! Please help ..

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Hey Beautiful people out there..
Need your help guys.. I have always been attracted to girls.. but I am really not sure how to go about it.. I have tried to .. but .. its just so difficult coming out...
and moreover .. now I am married.. cant talk to my husband about it..
I am really confused.. don't have anyone to talk to ..
Suggestions are welcome..
Tried some lesbian dating sites .. but no luck .. I just want someone to talk to .. to let them know how I feel..
Good day .

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    Hi there! Happy you found us. You're not alone... thank you for sharing your story

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    okaayy that sounds incredibly complicated but to be genuinely honest with you,this is just unfair for your husband you can't marry someone you're not in love with.

    if you aren't comfortable with coming out to him then don't but if you aren't at least attracted to him you have to break it off this sis unhealthy for both sides.

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    Mars, to be honest we don’t know the situation entirely, remember that in this environment the pressure of society is strong and safety of oneself is a huge thing. Marriage could have been pressured. Do not assume that breaking off things can be an easy thing. It isn’t like the US, Canada or EU.

    Geet, we are here to help you through this. You have our support. If want to open up you can reach out to any of us. We are open minded and want to help.

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  • you are not alone....

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