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Just discovering my bisexual side

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Hi, I am married since many years and even though, we get along well, I always felt something is missing and over the last years my desire for women has grown and I even fell in love with one but did not follow through. These last months I realized I can not hide and told my husband, who was more understanding than I hoped.
He said I have to find out who I am :-) so here I am. But how to go about it? Where to go? I am not the youngest anymore (almost 40). We just moved back to the UAE making my new self search a little harder I suppose....

Please give me tips. Thanks. .

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    I don't have any advice but it's awesome that your husband is so understanding, and I'm happy you felt comfortable enough to be honest with him and yourself. I hope you can find what you're looking for while still being in such a transparent & loving relationship.

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    I have to second on MT, even though i don't know you but i admire your honesty and bravery i almost feel proud of you and your husband masha'allah i admire his confidence his flexibility and understanding i admire his sleflessness in him giving you the chance to explore and discover yourself which is very rare. I admire the kind of relationship you have which is open and connected. I don't really have advice biut i guess u shouldn't let age limit you, and do like we are all doing explore, search, try to meet people, try to know what you really like and fancy,...etc

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    very glad to hear about how understanding your husband is! my advice is very cheesy but it's basically to follow your heart. the best relationships aren't forced and soon enough you will be able to follow through with your feelings. you just have to know how to explain your marriage to them - is divorce a possibility for you? just asking this because not sure how many women would want to date someone who is still married as they might find it to be a threat to their relationship with you.

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