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is it bad that i`m not a very social person i have a small group of friends but i don`t feel comfortable amoung them I Hang Out With Only About 2 Friends Every Weekend

i need to get out this circle and connect wiz others but it`s very difficult to me so tell guys How can I become less "shy"? I am a confident person, but when I try to talk to someone, I tend to freak out!

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    Well i am not so social myself and i think most of thr people here are not social too. Most of us here are complaining that we want friends and can't meet and can't find like minded friends so you are not alone, yet i don't like it i don't think it is bad but i don't like it i'd prefer we'd be more daring more open and social and outgoing. So i think we shouldn't think much just go with the flow compliment people express yourself help whom u want to help be kind to whoever u feel need your kindness and be true and honest and avoid the people u don't like or may face them decently and kindly as well when u show your true colors people will be interested and you will find a more better company. Tamer hosny though i am not a big fan said عيش بشوقك ودماغك املاها على ذوقك هايمشي سوقك or whatever it was but he has a point

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