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marriage of convenience

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Hello everyone.hope you are all doing fine.
Am at point where i dont know what to do to get away from this never ending pressure is increasing day by day relating to marriage. i believe the only way to get away from it is to commit to an moc. its been more than 2 years finding an moc partner bt in vain. am not just looking for a cover up,but looking for a partner with whom i can share the rest of my life as husband and wife without getting physically involved.. No one would understand how painful it is to live a life as gay or lesbian. on top you are forced to get married to keep ur parent happy and let society leave u in easy it would have been if u didnt have to get married. it would have lessen the burden and makes our life a little desperately looking for a gay guy who is more or less in the same situation for an moc.or if anyone can help, would be grateful. thank u.


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