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Double life

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Some of us girls struggle with this problem the getting married problem when a girl gets to a certain age she becomes the family’s attention specially if ur the last girl they try to take u to events weddings parties and try to convince u to look at the handsome guys around u im in that situation right now n cause I don’t give a s**t I don’t respond much i just had new hair cut a did an undercut!!!! I’m a tomboy so imagine how angry they r lol the good part they don’t suspect me cause I’m a hard worker they don’t see much I’m a languages geek and novels lover so i don’t even have frinds i always knew I’m lesbian since I was a kid I never been attracted to a man in my whole life and always attracted to girls I look very kind of boyish and cause I don’t look much of Sudanese ppl keep staring like crazy at me...ppl keep wondering if this person is a female or a male but I have to desguise in work skirt n hijab it’s trying to try to keep up with everything and be strong on ur own but sometimes we gotta be strong cause we got no other choice.


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