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Hey guys again, why it’s so hard to know each other here? I messaged some girls and nobody replied i really don’t know why, i have no other ways to find girls like me and someone told me about AHWAA “thank god” , i thought it’s going easy but nah it’s not, unfortunately i feel bad and alone i didn’t talk to someone like me before i searched alot fol LGBT community bs i did’t find anything. I’m not looking for relationship or sexual relation either i just wanna talk and know friends like me. It’s sucks that everybody here is terrified to get catfished when i’m not fake or pretended to be a girl. i hope you understand what i’m tyring to say i’m so confused now.

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    Hi laura! you can message me any time and I'll reply as soon as I can. I understand that navigating this website isn't the easiest, but look at the bright side, we have a whole community in here! it takes some time to get used to the website, I think it does need some improvements. but for now try to be a little patient; participate some more, try to be active, keep messaging people and I promise it will be worth it.

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