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Why the middle east is still lightyears behind LGBTQA+ rights

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I'll keep it as brief as possible...

People are scared from equality because it will annihilate all social constructs.

Religion and the media use social constructs as tools to exploit people. Let's face it, heterosexuals want guidelines like masculinity and femininity to control everyone's actions.

There's no such thing as girl's cars or guy's cars, cars don't have genders. And I love how religion gives genders certain traits like they're set in stone and it's not like everyone is an entirely different person.

Religion is like an instruction manual, not a lot of people like to read instruction manuals. Everyone just picks what they like and leave out what they don't want to hear (and that's completely fine), but that just means they're going to use the book to justify what you're doing wrong and not what they're doing wrong.

in the light of keeping it simple:

- ta8leed el ajaneb is a lie.
- heterosexual relationships are not the only kind.
- sheila and covering is optional, not enforced.
- forced marriages are not a solution to anything.
- a family's reputation isn't gonna take you anywhere in life, only your skills and education will..
- people need psych evaluations before even deciding to have children.
- racist/queerphobic arab cartoons need to die.
- religion needs to focus on devotion to god instead of who's screwing who.

And instead of spreading irrelevant shit on whatsapp mom/dad groups, how about people actually do something meaningful with their lives?

Society in the middle east is not mentally prepared to say that it has wronged the LGBTQA+ community here, nor is it ready to acknowledge and respect their presence. Because they thrive on degrading and discriminating the LGBTQA+, they think that by sending them to straight conversion, prison or even the life sentence that It's going to stop something that is supposedly 'a choice' to us. If it were 'a choice' all along, no one with a right mind would even consider being an LGBTQA+ individual in this region and suffer its consequences. They're not even prepared to explain what an LGBTQA+ individual is to their kids without even having an ounce of hate or bias.

The middle east does not want to accept LGBTQA+ individuals because it's hate for them is deeply rooted in it's culture and religion. They're not ready for same-sex relationships, same-sex weddings, alterations in the national dress or accepting femininity in its community. They're not ready for pride parades, showing public affection or same-sex adoption.

The middle east region wants to stay suppressed, limit personal identity and freedom of expression to as minimal as possible and will pin it on culture and disrespect towards family reputation or religion. They want people to dress as plainly as possible, to act similar and basically become the same person.

Religion tells you that if you don't want to be part of it, you have the choice to leave. But anyone who actually considers it is going to end up in a shitload of trouble.

We are all just fish in a bowl, we go where they take us. If you try to jump out the bowl you die, if you stay you die.

Everyone's out here pulling a hannah montana lifestyle, miss me with that bullshit.


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