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I’m not sure!

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Hi guys, i’m in relationship with a man for the first time and i’m 22, i have never been in a relation with anyone so, i don’t feel any sexual attraction against him and he knows that, he told me that it takes time and he’ll wait but i can’t lie to myself anymore i’m a bisexual but also i didn’t fall in love with girl before. I really don’t know if i’m bi or straight or asexual!

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    If you are attracted to girls but haven't fallen in love, maybe you simply haven't had the chance or haven't met the "right one". Likewise, if you aren't attracted to the man you're in a relationship with, it sounds like he might not be the "right one" either. Maybe take some time to get to know yourself. Twenty-two is quite young to have all of this figured out-- but I have no doubt that you will get there in time. Good luck!

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    Just give yourself a time to know him and take things easy and simple you are too young to know, it takes time to know yourself, don't rush into anything. Whether you're bi, lesbian or straight you are a human and its all normal.

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    Thank you ❤️ I hope things getting better soon cause i’m lost right now.

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    Knowing whether or not you are attracted to a gender is easier than falling in love. I was also quite confused at first. I was in a relationship with a guy and I loved him because he was my best friend but I never felt much when it came to sexual fantasies etc. I was just trying to convince myself I wasn't a lesbian. What I'm trying to say is that you could determine whether or not you're sexually attracted to men quite easily and then move on to women and compare both experiences. If the sexual aspect isn't really in the center then you might want to consider asexuality.
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey of self-discovery! Definitely a tough road!

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    Hello, my journey of self discovery was long and eventful! But now I am at peace with who I am and proud of my path in life. I am an Egyptian woman living in Europe for the last 15 years, I have had long term relationships as well as adventures with men and women. I am clearly a lesbian especially when it comes to emotional envolvement. I am so glad to find young Egyptians in search of freedom and self fulfillment. I am in vacation in Egypt now, would like to get to know people like yourself in person. Best regards

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    I think i would also go with the not rushing things option too. Take your time figuring out what you like and not like and only take the decision when u are absolutely sure about it if you are still in doubt about your partner then wait and see

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