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"Falling in love in Cairo.."

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As a gay non-Arab living in the Gulf, I am always on the look out for other queer westerners to learn about their lives as foreigners in this part of the world (dont get me wrong, I'm also looking for queer Arabs and non-Westerners).

So you can imagine my joy when I was reading a gay man's blog about life in South Korea, and he posted a link to a story about gay travelling bloggers, which lead me to this story about finding love in Cario

I don't want to ruin it for you, but the story is ongoing, so if you read more recent posts, you will see that the couple are still a couple :)

(my apologies if this has been posted here before...I looked but I didn't see anything like it.) .

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    To be honest some Westerners all they want is sex and this isn't part of our culture here so when I meet gay Westerners I dont let them be my friends or give out my number.

    I am not saying youre the same also, only that this is my experience with some of them which ruin it for the rest of the others who are decent and looking for real love and friendships.

    Sorry to go offtopic I thought I would be honest about this.

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  • Not at all - thanks for your imput! I mean, if I didn't want a dynamic conversation, I wouldn't have posted here :)

    I think I can understand your point of view because the inverse of what you described also happens...meaning, some (not all) Arabs look at gay westerners as easy sex, even if the Arab doesn't identify as gay himself. The same can be said about some (not all) Turks - my 2 1/2 years in Istanbul were full of interactions where I had to explain I wouldn't have sex with someone just because they wanted to.
    And, I also meet other Western guys who went to Turkey with the intention of hooking up with a Turk, a holiday fling. From my point of view, if two people have good chemistry and are consenting, they can do as they please.

    Anyway, in the case of the man who wrote the blog, the connection between him and the Egyptian is such that he has returned to Cairo for another two months, so, it appears the connection is more than just physical.

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    i think every where contains the good gay and the bad gay as well ..

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    Yes I agree, it doesn't matter where they're from as long as there's good chemistry. I've dated an Eastern European in the past and it was wonderful. The only reason it ended is because he left his job in Kuwait and I don't do long distance. Neither of us did it for "physical pleasure," we were sincerely and emotionally involved and it felt great. There are a lot of travelers and passerbys or even consultants with short business trips who end up falling in love and staying here.

    Thanks for sharing the piece!

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