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    The edit says that Facebook didn't remove the page. It was a homophobic Facebook user who reported the page, and it was probably a bot who sent the warning and not the moderators themselves.

    The thing is, there are so many hate groups on Facebook aimed at religion, culture, race, orientation etc. yet nothing is being done about them. They're still there.

    We have to remember that it's a social networking site, with millions of users from all around the world. Hate is going to be an inevitable part of it.

    • well you can flag it as inappropriate so the admin will know. the more people red flag it the admin will recognize the page as a taboo and hacking away the peace of FB... if you done that, just hope FB admin will realise it. or all the tax money goes through FB for that No H8 campaign is such a waste XD

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    I do not think that facebook is homophobic or twitter is not homophobic m they are just a websites available to be used by all the people in this world with their vary thinking and believing about women children LGBT people or abortion,,, my point is that people who joined those websites made it look homophobic yet there are hundreds of supporting LGBT groups and pages in facebbok doing terrific job in LGBT issues
    see it in this way a room is a building of 4 walls and a bed room put a baby in the room then its a beautiful baby room , put a criminal in it then its a creepy scary jail's room

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  • Nothing can be really done about them unless enough people report them and moderating bots or someone who moderate the pages notice them. I can guarantee that there are a lot more homophobic people than there are homosexuals, so this creates a huge disadvantage. Only way to overcome this is by organizing and getting the word out to enough people who might care.

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    Someone on Twitter has just mentioned that Ahwaa could help heterosexuals too to understand homos! This is very important, I guess!

    Mutual understanding!

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  • Facebook is one of the supporters NoProp8. So i dont think so. what you worried about is actually a flagged webpage on facebook that have lots of haters. well it is bound to happen.

    Facebook, is one of the largest social media that discuss on LGBT openly.

    but if you searching for middle eastern youth coming out and the issues of iranian gay youth killing themself the best site is

    Smile. Let the haters hate.

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