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What am I?

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So, Ummm, I’m really confused. I don’t think i can call myself anything because I’m not sure I know. i identify myself as straight because I like men obv and had been dating one for a really long time. At the same time i would gladly try anything sexual with a woman. I have sexual attraction towards certain women but I dont know if it would involve feelings as in dating. Maybe I just want to try the experience of being in bed with a little woman? Maybe I’m just curious? Sorry for the honesty and if I made my point too clear but wanted to know other people’s opinions.

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    3 years ago, I was dating this guy.. i was sure that I'm straight.. and then I met this girl, who changed my world... at first I thought I'm bisexual... but then I realized that I was only lying to myself, to him! When this girl and I got together, after my ex bf and I split, I finally came to realization that I'm a 100% lesbian!
    So I believe u won't really know unless u let urself know

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