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لوط وأنا

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One of the things that really jumps on my nerves is the damn bullshit response any straight person would give you when you argue about gay rights (مينفعش عشان حرام .. حرام عشان قوم لوط)
But I keep on wondering if those people in the Quran actually represents homosexuals in any way .. those people were theives and rapists and as said what they did was never done before .. none of that applies to gay people not to mention that it's proved that homosexuals have been there way before those people they compare us to .. So why is this injustice ? And why religion never clarified the whole queer thing? Would I be lying to myself if I believed that I am not what the Quran is referring to?? .

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    You make an excellent point. I think there is always the argument of what is written and how it is interpreted.

    I don't know if Qur'an is condeming LGBT people by grouping them with loot. But that is the thing, God punishes, why are people trying to do God's job

    Is me putting my dick in a guy's ass really worse and more important than what Israel is doing to children?

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