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Is there any hope for lgbt rights in Egypt/ Arab world

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Whenever I think about it, a future where queers in Egypt can live the freedom of their fellow gays in countries like the USA, it sounds like a completely unrealistic fantasy .. cause 1) religion: though the people themselves don't have much of the religion spirit but they certainly have lines one can't cross without being condemned
2) the low quality life: in the middle east, we suffer from so much that asking for YOUR RIGHT to marry and be with your same_sex lover seems so trivial .. they won't stand next to you because for all they know you're a pervert whom they can't relate to
Of course the list of hardships goes on but also what give me hope is that learning about the lgbt movement in the US, I found that they too were condemned by the Christian people, the church l, and the conservatives, people couldn't relate to them, they were bullied, they had their versions of "heba 2otb" *may she burn in hell*, their government believed in conversion therapy .. it seems that it was along way for them too but they eventually made it .. what do you think?! .

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    I think it might happen one day,yet not in the nearby future ,it will start with our generation, even straights our age group start to accept it a bit ,then it will be passed on to the next generation and so on, one bit at a time , ripples will be displayed as years go by ,that's my guess

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    I hope so! Obviously in the region we will have different benchmarks than they do in the west bc of cultural differences-- but you're right in pointing out that it was a very long struggle for LGBTQ in the US. Have you read about the Stonewall Riots?

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    I hope so. Try to surround yourself with open minded and supportive people

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    i think we are so much different because we dont just have religion we also have different and more conservative traditions and way different costumes . and people abroad in western countries have more open environment and costumes also the whole political system in egypt and the constitution is based on religious facts and instructions not a part of it so its very hard

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