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Bisexual female in straight relationship: how do I tell my boyfriend that I long after women?

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I love my man since 2 years and he's amazing. He is caring and very supportive and he also knows that I'm bisexual (eventhough he can't wrap his mind around it)

But since couple weeks/months I long more and more for women. I don't know what to do, I don't want to betray him.
I could talk about it with him, but I don't want to break his heart. He is a hopeless romantic and would think that I don't love him anymore (which is not true at all)

What do you guys think? How should I approach this topic?

Best regards xx.

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    Well if you really love him and he loves you back with all of his hear and treats you nice then what is the problem you mentioned that you're bisexual let's be honest if you long more and more for women maybe you don't love him that much since that I think you should talk about it with him.

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  • Do u long for woman as in u would be with both or as in leave him for one?
    Because If it's the first one, I'd tell him! The whole truth since ur honest from the beginning!
    If not, then just leave him and don't tell him the actual reason because it'll only hurt him more!

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  • i think you should tell him honest is better solution be a part of your feeling not as you not love him maybe go to even share with you all the moment think as couple

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    I have this issue with my GF. She is Bi and I respect her needs. He is your BF, you know him better than anyone here. I recommend honesty and communication. See if a threesome would help, try to make him not feel left out

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