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Wrappers and LABELS

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After reading many posts, I'm.seeing so many of you LABEL yourself gay, lesbian, bi etc. And NEVER experienced intimacy with someone that shares the same gender as yourself. Is it wise to WRAP yourself around a label? Just because someone may act bipolar for not mean he or she IS BIPOLAR!

You may desire the affection of the same sex and try it. Only to discover its not your cup up tea. Are you still gay? Allow this post to marinate before you reply. Think about it. .

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    I think maybe that's why more and more people are identifying as "queer" to avoid a very specifically defined label like gay or lesbian or even trans. I see the response "queer" often from people who really don't want to answer "what are you?" because they themselves don't know. And there are more and more labels popping up each day like "bicurious" and so on. Not a huge fan of labels myself because it is very restrictive and unnecessary. But people will always ask regardless so we'll be stuck answering that question no matter how uncomfortable it makes us.

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    Not everyone needs to try before they know. I never did! There are of course cases where people may mislabel themselves but that's sometimes part of discovering your sexuality - whatever it may be and that's okay!

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    I only experienced intimacy after a certain encounter with a guy, I thought I was a gay. But then I realized I get turned on to a certain type of girls, and my first sexual encounter with one of them was beyond amazing and that's when I realized I'm more into women than men but I don't mind men either... I hate to label myself as "Bisexual' or label myself at all. I just know who and what I am.

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