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An Actual Will To Meet - Egypt

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I've met probably 2 people from here, and I was never disappointed. They were both extremely sweet but unfortunately in a way or two, and mainly because of family issues I had to let go of all my friendships...
I've been always gathering some great strength to actually talk with someone and then for future potential of meeting up. It isn't about dating, more like sharing thoughts and experiences... Unfortunately I always just absolutely get disappointed in the end. If you guys here are afraid of sharing your identities in the beginning, don't. But what's the point of it all if you always hide? How am I going to kidnap you or use you if we meet in public? People here just made it almost impossible for me to find a soulmate with the identity I'm most comfy with, also making me lose hope... If you don't have an actual will to talk and meet new people, be straightforward about it, because inituating a convo by itself is indeed a great step for me, and we have enough frustrations in life already... Thank you.


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