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What are your dreams for the future?

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Hi everyone. I am a queer, unmarried Arab woman. I spend a lot of time dreaming about the future, where I'm married to a person I love and my parents know about them and welcome them into the family. I dream about a day where everyone understands diversity in gender and sexuality and you don't have to explain it. I dream about a day where governments actually serve people and work to protect children and the future.

What do you dream about for the future?

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    what an amazing reality that would be one day. to be able to come out and still have a family love you just the same. and accepting who you are, your partner, your commitment to love. a government that doesnt discriminate against you just for your identity. really its the dream! i have the same dreams as you. right now the stress in my life is all about family abandonment and shame, government persecution, being fired for being gay, etc. its no way to live a life.

    hope all our dreams come true.

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  • What a relief that would be! I dream of a world where we don‘t even have to come out. Where it is no big shock to be in a same sex relationship or to dress a certain way. Where being a certain way is no necessity at all and where a woman doesn‘t get asked if she has a boyfriend or husband, and a man if he has a wife or girlfriend but instead if she or he has a partner. Where love is celebrated for its core, its beauty and its ability to make this world a better place!

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