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Gay girl in the U.S for MOC/cover marriage/marriage of convenience

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Hello fellow people with very few options.

I'm an American-Syrian bi/gay woman in California and a 21 year old third year college student (on a break) from a Sunni background. As I've grown older, I've become distant from my religious background and it's become harder being forced to live here when you no longer even share the same beliefs as a ultra religious family. I'm searching for a moc that can last 2+ years. My moc is not only because I’m bi/gay, but also because I want to live my life with freedom to follow my own beliefs and live as I want.

Any race is fine, but they must be Sunni and American citizens or there is no hope my parents will accept. The oldest that my family would accept is mid-30s and it’s better to be independent and stable, especially if you’re older.

What I'm looking for is a gay/bisexual man or couple who I can develop a close relationship with as a friend or brother. We would not have any romantic relation whatsoever and would each lead our own personal lives. However, I do hope to be close friends/siblings that we can depend on to protect and look out for in family/social events or even lives that we choose to lead as individuals. We would have to be willing to live together in separate rooms as roommates or siblings.

If you're interested or think a moc is possible, email me at I really want to say that if you're not interested or can't keep your word, then please don't bother to contact me. And if having kids is one of your conditions, then please do all is lesbian/bisexual women a favor and just marry a straight woman. Good luck to all of us.


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