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Lesbians/Bisexuals from hell on earth (Egypt)

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So recently I have had the URGE to confirm myself being bi/lesbian or not and that’s because I’m okay with being touched by a girl or even touching one, so it has been bothering me so much about not knowing my real sexual preferences. I mean I do like guys too but sometimes knowing what happens at sex, I don’t feel comfortable knowing i’d have sexual interaction with a guy because for some reason it feels weird to me. I’ve dated a few guys before and it all just felt the same nothing NEW and it ends up being a heartbreak or we just lose feelings and I thought maybe I get bored so quickly because it’s not the type of relationship that I want. So I decided to look online for reasons and I found this LIFE SAVING website! I have not come out to anyone because I couldn’t confirm it yet.
SO the point is i’m creating a Snapchat group for Bi/lesbians in egypt. .


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