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How can i turn my self straight??!!

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I really can't live like this anymore, next week i will turn 36 i can't live another day being in the closet i can't handle the frustration and shame and all of this self hatred, i have only 2 options first i need to turn straight i don't know how but i need to.. therapy didn't work at all for me and the other option is to commit suicide and end it all.. i really can't see any other way as i certainly can't accept my self.. if any one out there know a way i can change who i'm by my self please help me.

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    It isn't something you can just switch off, nor should you have to. It's all about how we cope with our identities, and though it can be incredibly difficult to accept ourselves, it is necessary. Suicide isn't the answer-- you are a unique individual and the world is better for having you in it. Thank you for reaching out to the community. You are not alone!

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